My Elegant Inspiration: Meet my soulful and stylish mother whose beauty radiates from the inside out

Yes, isn’t she beautiful on the outside? But just wait till you hear about her insides. My mom’s heart is so incredibly big, her capacity to love even under the most challenging circumstances is, in my experience, unrivaled. I’ve never met anyone like her. People can sense her loving vibration from a mile away, they often stop her on the street and want to talk to her, it’s not just the great hats and outfits she wears, it’s her energy! She shines this gorgeous light everywhere she goes, and it literally touches everyone in its path. This kind of soulful radiance is what I’ve been embraced by my whole life. I’ve always known she was special, but as I get older I appreciate even more, how exceptional she is. Her graceful elegance reflects who she is on every level. As her daughter I have tested her unconditional love time and time again, and it does exist. I am so grateful and blessed to have her as my mother and teacher.

How has she influenced my understanding of beauty? First let’s start with nature, when I was a child she would take my sister and I out into the woods, showing us the flowers, trees, animals and lovely landscapes. We were taken out in the early morning to see the sunrise, taking long hikes to explore magical places and taught to really “see and be” with nature. I began a love affair with nature, a deep relationship that’s lasted throughout the years. This appreciation of natural beauty; the colors, shapes, sights and sounds were such a huge part of my childhood, thanks to her guidance.

Our home was filled with beauty as well, artwork was everywhere, music played for us and wonderful food appealingly presented. Mom was our resident self taught Stylist. Her reverence for beauty wasn’t just for display, it was for interplay. Pleasing things were to be used, moved around and engaged with, they also served a practical purpose. If something broke or got messy it was always okay, life had an allowing pulse. This was such fantastic aesthetic and life training for me growing up, learning to appreciate beauty in a flowing organic way encouraged by her exquisite taste.

How does this influence my work helping others find their own Soul Style?

I’ve learned how beauty can give you enormous pleasure, for your mind, body and soul. I watched my mom pick out outfits with sumptuous colors, glamorous designs and exquisitely accessorizing them for many years. She really enjoyed the whole process and every detail, it was so satisfying for her. I would marvel at how happy it made her feel, even when life was incredibly difficult and demanding. It often looked like she was orchestrating a wearable symphony. She still does this today and inspires me to do the same, in my own unique way. I came to understand that this is a very creative process; the buying, picking and choosing of things to wear can inspire you to feel more connected to who you really are. It reflects how you want to be seen and how you truly see yourself. Are you ready to bring your true stylish spirit out into the world? To be seen as you want to be seen, as uniquely You? You may have a few obstacles in the way, as I did, judgements about your body, judgements about being beautiful and old messages about what you should and shouldn’t wear. Let me help you with that, it’s one of the things I’m really good at. Thank you mom, love you!

Take a look at and see if Soul Style is a good “fit” for you.

It’s not too late, my Soul Style Mastery Program starts November 8th.

Photos by: Michael Mannion

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