Halloween Inspired Imagination: Dressing Up and not Down.

Dancin Lion Tamer. No, I never tamed him :))

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? It is mine! Do you remember the feeling you felt as you got into your costume? The anticipation of being seen as somebody other than yourself, or maybe another part of yourself? I do, it was exhilarating and a bit vulnerable all at the same time, kind of like trying a new style or a new look in your life today.

I would think about what I wanted to “be” for Halloween months ahead of time. My imagination soared, it always felt that there were so many choices, the sky was the limit. Would I be the good wild witch, or the crazy eccentric clown, or the tiny delirious dancer? My mother was always so enthusiastic and supportive, encouraging me to choose whatever made me happy. Lucky me! It was such a wonderfully creative process. Growing up in the Midwest it was often cold and rainy, but that would never deter me from my mission to pretend to be somebody else, maybe my little alter ego, or a fantasy figure that I hoped to become someday. I loved trick or treating and the moment the neighbors’ door would open they would often pretend to not recognize me by saying, “Who are you? It can’t really be You, that’s just impossible!” I was so proud of my ability to “trick” them. Now I don’t have to "trick" anybody, I can express myself any way I want to and so can you. Boo! I used to be scared of change too, but now all that’s behind me. Whew...

As I write this, I’m getting ready to launch my Soul Style Mastery Program, where I help people transform themselves from the inside out. Reminiscing about Halloween reminds me of what a costume, a new look, or an interesting outfit can reveal about who you are or who you want to be. When you put it on something happens to you, something WONDERFUL. To be seen in a different light, even by your own self, can add excitement and pleasure to your life.

That’s why I love to help my clients find their own unique style and to feel better about themselves. Do you want to look forward to getting dressed for that special day, meeting, date, event or even just for You? I can help you do just that. Check out www.alivewithami.com and you’ll find out more. Sign up for my free 30 minute Soul Style Mastery Discovery Session to see if it’s a good “fit” for you.

Getting dressed everyday can be just as creative and fun as Halloween and not that scary!

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