My Magical Mystery Tour: How I fell in love with fabrics, textures and touch.

Have you ever looked at a piece of fabric or item of clothing and been transported to another time and place? A place where people of another culture may live, a pattern that brings symbols from what seems like another world? How about a combination of textures that sends a message of silky opulence and voluptuous beauty, or a roughly hewn natural textile that shouts mother earth to you? Yes, I have, and it has set me on a course towards beauty in all it’s luscious forms. My question has always been; where did it come from, what does it feel like, can I touch it? As well as; who would wear that, how can I wear that, or can I make something with it?

When I was setting out into a single life again after being in a relationship for 20 years, I had empty walls in my apartment and few funds to decorate them with “artwork”. So I gathered the pieces of clothing that I loved and hung them on the walls. Vests from Columbia and Peru, an Asian robe, a beautiful green suede dress of my grandmother’s and the list goes on. I hung up woven purses from Africa, mosaic middle eastern bags and necklaces heavy with exotic looking stones. These all became part of my personal art gallery. In a way, I was visiting other cultures and their beauty without leaving the comfort of my own home. I was a traveller of a different kind, it gave me so much pleasure to see these beautiful items displayed all around me and my children.

Now, I set out a new pair of shoes on a coffee table as an objet d’art and hang a new dress on the wall so that I can enjoy seeing it, not just wearing it. What’s something you own that would give you pleasure to see out of your closet, out of the drawer, the storage unit? Try taking it out, does it make your aesthetic heart sing when you look at it? If it does, use your imagination; hang it, drape it, touch it, let it touch you, remember that if you really feel it, it connects to the beautiful soulful part of you!

Soul Style Mastery can help you wear the clothing that you love, that reflects the real you. Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery session with Ami to see if it's a good "fit" for you :)) Call her @ 773-531-3761.

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