Soul Style Salon ~ Package

Soul Style is for Every-body who wants to feel more confident, creative

and connected to their own unique sense of style.

Ami Isett will help you release the old messages that keep you from stepping into your own self-style. You’ll learn to shift body image issues that were created in the past so they no longer haunt you. It’s time to break out of them and experience a new freedom in being the real YOU!


Your Soul Style Salon Package includes:


4 Private Online Mentoring Sessions; 60 minutes each

Daily Interactive FB Forum

1 Online Shopping Excursions with Ami; 90 minutes


 (to be redeemed within a 4 month period)



  • Do you want to feel more confident when you step out into the world each day? To know that the way you look reflects who YOU really are?
  • Are you unsure of what looks good on you? Having a hard time trusting your own instincts? Feeling trapped
                   by convention and what others might think of you?
  • Do you want to be really “seen”? To make an impression, to be noticed for your own unique creative self? 

 Alive with Ami

Here's Monica after her Soul Style Transformation!
You can see her artistic and spiritual sense of self, radiating from the inside to the outside through her new look. 


Need a bit of help? Then Soul Style is for you!

  • I’ll help you develop your own sensual, smart, sexy, and unique style so you can feel better and make an impression on those around you. Get the attention that you want and be really seen. You’ll find ways to express yourself from the inside out; your grace, power, and creativity.

  •  I’ll show you how to be a savvy shopper, so your new style is affordable and won't take a lot of time to put together. It can be really fun to discover a “new” you, during a time of transition, such as a new job, career, relationship, marriage, divorce or in recovery from an illness. These are great times to find a new style that reflects who you are NOW! 


  •  I'll encourage you to let go of the old messages that keep you from  stepping into your own self-style. Body image issues that were created in the past can haunt you throughout your life. Isn’t it time to break out of them so you can experience a new freedom in being the real YOU?

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The Soul Style Event on October 8th.
We had a blast, celebrating our beauty inside and out exploring, discovering, feeling, learning and yes, of course ~ playing with colors!
What's your color's hearts' desire?
Pick a color with one hand on your heart and see what happens.
Colors mean something, they have a message and a memory all their own. 
Let's listen...

Soul Style clients say; "Ami brings great insight

and sensitivity to the whole experience. 

With Soul Style you can free yourself from the

limitations of old habits, an outdated 

self image and confusion around what to wear.

Ami will guide you to develop a sense of style that embodies your unique essence with

elegance, grace and aliveness."

"Amazing Ami! And now, I’m Amazing Me!

With my very own style. What a relief! There is no more confusion or regrets when I go shopping, I finally believe in myself."

Ami Isett is a unique kind of Stylist Coach, passionate about fashion, design and construction since she was a pre-teen. Using her imagination and sense of fun she has always experimented with her own look. She inspires others to try new ways of expressing themselves, making what they wear on the outside reflect how they feel on the inside.


Ami goes even deeper than that. She explores with her clients how they feel about themselves, what messages they got around their bodies growing up and how life changes affect their sense of self and style. She works with body image and what it means to be attractive, smart, sexy, powerful and creative.


She helps her clients transform old patterns into newer, more exciting ones, that really reflect who they are now. Ami is a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner and Movement Mentor, having practiced the art of self-transformation through somatic release and movement for many years. 


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Photos and Music by Ami's son, Apollo Rosi